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Frequently Asked Questions - Shippers

Why use Paramount Logistics?
Satisfying customers has never been more important than in today’s changing environment. With the current global market where logistics and transportation play a vital link, Paramount Logistics is our customers' greatest advantage. Whether it's across town or across the United States and Canada, we lead the industry with offerings ranging from less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload, domestic or global.
Outsourcing freight allows your company not only to cut major costs, but to focus on your core business activity. The main focus for Paramount Logistics’ business is to provide its customers with the best possible transportation rates and service. In today's business environment, the transportation of a company’s product plays a crucial role -- from cost containment to customer satisfaction. If transportation is managed properly, it can lead to bottom line profitability and increased customer loyalty.
Quality of Service:
Paramount Logistics is committed to providing damage-free, on-time pick-up and delivery of all your freight. Communication is one of our strongest assets and we keep you informed about your freight every step of the way; from pick-up to final delivery.
Flexibility for Delivery:
With access to numerous carriers, Paramount Logistics has the ability to provide flexible resources to meet all your shipping needs.
Competitive Pricing and Precise Billing:
Paramount Logistics offers aggressive shipping rates that compliment our outstanding service and commitment to our customers. Paramount Logistics will ensure accurate billing that will in turn minimize your overhead costs.
Versatility of Service:
Paramount Logistics provides flexibility to your company with a collection of capabilities that make us a valuable transportation partner.
These include:
  • Paramount Logistics provides supply chain and transportation management services with a focus on customer requirements in order to meet the challenges of today’s business demands. Our ability to create problem solving solutions through a wide range of transportation outlets allows Paramount Logistics to be your global transportation solution.
  • Paramount Logistics specializes in full truckload services while also meeting the needs within the LTL environment. With a national alliance in ground transportation, Paramount Logistics has direct access to over 5000 power units within the United States and Canada.
  • Paramount Logistics provides the most efficient cost-effective rail alternatives that allow our customers to maintain the competitive edge. Our fleet management team is dedicated to proactive shipment monitoring and problem resolution that provides overall peace of mind.
Paramount Logistics Service Area
Paramount Logistics provides inbound and outbound transportation to all 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix and the Dominican Republic. Paramount is able to serve all your transportation needs whether air, land, or sea.
Determining Rates
Paramount Logistics’ account executives respond via email, phone and fax. Paramount Logistics monitors available market conditions including fuel surcharge changes, freight seasonality and regional equipment capacity to provide the most competitive, deliverable price and service.
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